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Tree of Hope


Having lunch the other day with a fellow author, I became interested in a poem she had written. Grieving the loss of a family member she shared the difficulty of writing during this period. The poem she shared with us seemed so appropriate for the Lenten season, and I asked if she would mind if I posted her poem on my website blog. She said yes.

When she sent me the poem, I was blown away by the depth of love and creative talent that went into writing this poem.

Darlene Dubay, is not just another would-be writer. I had the privilege of doing a book review of her book, The Tales of Two Sisters, available on a few years ago. Follow the 2 links to see her website, and to read the review.

As authors and Christians, I am privileged to post Darlene’s poem as this week’s blog during Holy Week. The picture above was taken by a very talented photographer friend of mine, Maria Kumlander, who lives in California.

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