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A Beautiful Retreat

It is always amazing to see God work and to have the opportunity to be a small part of that work.

This last weekend women’s retreat, “Healing the Wounded Heart, Transformation through Pain,” hosted by Pastor Mary Lou Sanders, in Winthrop was such a blessed event. New friendships were made, new support systems set up, and hope rekindled as women embraced one another and God. Deb Kalmbach and I were so privileged to be presenters for this retreat and it was such fun working with her.

Pain comes in so many different packages and wears so many different faces.  Pain from losses, death, disappointments, unrealistic expectations, abusive or rejecting childhoods.  When in pain all we want to do is push it away, medicate it or somehow try to deny its existence.  But the only way to heal from pain is to confront it, work through it and learn from its messages. 

Thank you, Pastor Mary Lu, for having the vision and determination to put this retreat together. Wish you could have been there. 

I will share some more of that wonderful retreat in the upcoming weeks.

Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC

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