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Accept Vulnerability

SSGP0620Face your anxiety and fears.

When we engage our fears rather than run away from them, we can use our darkest moments to reach a new level of acceptance, appreciation and gratitude. Affirm your worth in the midst of your emotional turmoil.

Accept vulnerability

We hang onto perceptions of ourselves that we try to hide from others. Unwanted change suddenly throws a spotlight on us exposing our vulnerabilities and fears to the world.

“We justify our actions by appearances – God examines our motives.” Proverbs 21 – The Message

Most of our fears are illusions – paper tigers, enlarged shadows that tower over us making us feel insignificant and small.

In those moments when we feel we are losing control of our carefully constructed identity, our sugar coated insecurities, and our castles of grandeur built to impress others we have the opportunity to accept ourselves just as we are.

There is little in life that we have absolute control over. Although we establish life goals and rigorously work to achieve them, our efforts can go up in smoke in an instant when death, accidents, job loss, a life sentencing diagnosis or other unwanted change or crises occur.

Acceptance allows you to let go of your need to be in control. It allows you to accept your vulnerability and fear. It allows you to surrender to God who loves you. When we let go of our need to control events, our lives and the lives of others, we are open to discover God. It is where we can find peace to just be who we are. It is where we become genuine and real.

©2013 Marlene Anderson

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