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Firecrackers Popping

Firecrackers popping, potato salad made. Soda Pop is in the cooler covered with ice and we congregate as friends together to watch the evening fireworks.

The 4th of July

it is one of our nation’s favorite holidays.

It is a favorite because it represents freedom, independence and liberty. We are free to be our own person, free to move around and make our own choices. We have autonomy and self-determination. Our liberty was bought with blood and sweat and tears by those who came before us. That liberty assures us that we are free from the control and restrictions of a despotic or arbitrary government control.

When that freedom and independence is applied to our personal life, we are challenged to do something productive and constructive with that freedom.


What’s in a word?

Imagine – Create – Believe

Inspire – Transform


They can maim, cut, injure, wound and kill the spirits of others.


they can inspire, motivate, life up, and give new life to those we direct them to.

Twice a week I attend a wonderful exercise class that helps keep those of us who attend develop strength and balance and keep physically fit. It is taught by the vivacious owner of Inspire Fitness, Jennifer Beemer.

Double Meanings

As I work through the final edits of my book, I am reminded again just how important and tenuous words can be.

We think we have chosen the right words to express a certain thought or idea but then it is questioned. What did you mean by that? Can you elaborate more?

Words by themselves don’t necessarily say what we want them to say. They are not always self-defining by their usage. Additional or different words might be needed to accurately convey what it is you want to convey.

A Special Tribute


As I enjoyed a wonderful time with my daughter this Mothers Day, who is a fantastic mother, I wanted to pay a special tribute to Moms.

Mothers Day is more than just a celebration once a year where we give flowers, send a card and try to say thanks.

It is an opportunity to think about what it means to be a Mom.

What does it mean to be a Mom?

Moms have a special relationship with their children that no one else can have as it began before they were born. As our babies grew in our wombs, we spoke to them and even sang songs to them. Love grew along with the baby.

21 Days of Joy – A book Review

Sunday is Mother’s Day and I couldn’t think of a better way to honor the Mother’s of this world than by sharing a book review I did for Kathy Ide entitled “21 Days of Joy”.

Kathy was one of those many wonderful people I met at the Mt Hermon Writer’s Conference, who were ready to assist and help us become better writers. They shared their talent and expertise with those of us who were still novices and struggling with the ins and outs of writing, publishing and marketing.

So when she extended the invitation to write a review for her latest book in her “21 Days” series in exchange for a free book, I was eager to do it. And I was not disappointed. Kathy has taken the genre of fiction to depict wonderful narratives about mothers that are as real as if were experiencing it.

“21 days of Joy” is a compilation of stories written by different authors about our journey through life around the theme “Celebrating Moms”.

Life’s Joyful Opportunities

Life offers us those wonderful moments and opportunities that can not only enrich our lives, but fill it with adventure and growth.

When we recognize and engage them, we develop new skills and perfect old ones.

From the time I was a little girl, I had wanted to be a singer. However, growing up on a farm gave little opportunity to take piano lessons and participate in musical events.

So, when I went back to college to get my degree, I planned my courses around music. But it soon became clear, that without that early background in music, it would be difficult to make it a career choice. So, I switched to my next love – psychology.

Real Friends

Last month I spent a wonderful week at the Mt. Herman Writer’s Conference.

Although overwhelming at times with all the information, convening with agents, editors and mentors, and attending classes and meeting so many wonderful new people, it was an exhilarating and exciting time.

One of the places available to us within this large conference center, was a little store filled with books, trinkets and items to take back with us in remembrance of this experience. And we were given time between scheduled events to explore the variety of places at the center

Entwining Roots

As I work with my editor on the final edit of my book, From Winter to Spring, I am reminded of how important the relationship I shared with my husband had been. A chapter from this book entitled, Entwining Roots, reflect that special relationship.

“There are two trees in my backyard. Their trunks touching, roots entwining, they reach high into the sky – together – yet separate. They symbolize the life I shared with my husband – a love as deep and connected as the entwining and supporting roots of these two trees.

We nurtured each other while allowing the other the independence to grow in their own way. That tree has now been cut down and I stand alone.”

When we go through the death of a loved one, we are reminded of how important they were to the fabric of our lives.

Chocolate – Friends – And Red Convertibles

“Like my Page”

“Friend me”

We live in a world of cyberspace, where “friends” have become known by the “like” or “share” buttons on social media sites. “Do you want to “friend” this person?” “Like my page” or “here are some people you might like to add to your “friend” list.”

With the click of a button you can have friends all over the world. How great is that?

“A real friend is one who walks in when

the rest of the world walks out.”

Walter Winchell

But are they really “friends”?

I guess I’m old fashioned. I want to sit across from my friends at a restaurant, or in my living room or at my kitchen table and talk to them up close and personal.


People who know me, know how important friendships are to me.

Relationships are the backbone of our sense of being. It is where we discover who we are.

Friends. Anyone who has had a loyal, long term friend knows exactly what I am talking about.

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are lavish and deceitful” Proverbs 27:6

There is give and take; they are not just there for the good times, but also for the tough times. They will travel great distances to be there in your time of need. Thank you Dede.