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I Cried – He Came: God’s Presence in the Midst of Grief

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Grief is a journey requiring time and an open mind as we grasp the significance of our life, both before our loss and for what lays ahead. There will be moments when we acutely feel the need of understanding and comfort, and if we can be open to those moments, we will be rewarded with not only comfort but a greater understanding of life itself.

I Cried – He Came

God came one morning when I was down and low

He showed me a patch of blue between the clouds,

A bird scrounging in the dried bushes

Looking for food

Singing a song


And He said, “I’m here – I’m here

I’m right here beside you!”


I’m with that bird – He’s singing in the cold

I’m in that sky – there’s a promise of spring

I’m in the earth around you – Close your eyes and feel my strength

Feel me giving you breath to continue on


“Bloom wherever you are,” He said. “Just bloom.”


I looked and saw my rose bush blooming

There were no leaves

It was still the middle of winter

But there were roses blooming.


Bloom wherever you are

Bloom in the winter – the summer – the fall

Bloom wherever I place you

I will feed you

I will water you

I will be by your side

I do not understand so many things – why I must be alone when it is people I need… why I must struggle when others are at play. We all have our prisons – they come in separation and isolation – in loss and discouragement. They come in the midst of poverty and in the midst of wealth. They sneak up behind us and catch us when we are not looking, and in desperation we cry out to our God

I do not understand.

I do not understand.

But I do know this. My God came and stood beside me today

He came and I felt His presence: in the sky – the bird – the roses

I closed my eyes and felt his presence by my side.


And I was no longer alone.


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