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Love – Hope – Peace

All of us watched with horror as the story of the grade school shooting in Ct was played out over and over again in the media.

We watched because we wanted to understand, give support and better prepare ourselves for the future. We wanted to believe that this horrendous act would not happen in our neighborhood, our schools, to our children and families.

Mental illness can take many twists and turns. It never stands alone in such events – nor does evil. There are many factors involved – many of which we will never know in this incident. A break from reality is one – personal responsibility is another.

Treatment, understanding, forgiveness and love are also necessary to heal deep wounds to the spirit and soul and mind. What is important for us is not to rush to judgment – for if we do, we do ourselves, our children and others a huge disservice. And we will miss the most important healing component we have for our lives – love.

True love is the only weapon against the assault of hate. Without love, we are lost. Without love there is no hope for us as a people on this earth. It’s a time for humility and honesty and openness.

Love – Hope – Peace

We speak to these themes each Christmas in our Christmas card mantras. Peace is thought of as something that involves a battlefield somewhere between countries or cultures. We view hope as something we want but have become jaded about. And love: well, we have been rejected and hurt too many times to trust or love anyone anymore.

Love, hope and peace begin in our hearts. It cannot start anywhere else.

But how are we to love that person who has taken advantage of us, hurt us, used and abused us? We don’t get that ability from our culture or love songs or peace rallies.

A love that can bring hope and peace to our hearts starts with God and that little baby in the manager. A love that risks all – embraces all – gives all – endures all. That is what we received when a helpless, vulnerable baby boy was born.

What parent wouldn’t willingly sacrifice their own life for that of their child? God, our heavenly Father demonstrated that when He gave His only Son to die for us so we might live.

As we pray for comfort for the families whose children were killed this last week as well as the adults who loved and worked with them, let us also remember the thousands of families whose lives are torn apart by hate, hurt, pain, greed, isolation, bitterness, and revenge.

Love, hope and peace are only hollow words unless they are followed by positive personal action. 

Marlene Anderson

If you have a story of hope and endurance and faith that you would like to share with others, please let me know so I can post them on upcoming blogs.

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