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The holiday season can be very difficult especially when it triggers memories of happier times.

As we go through unstable and uncertain days, we find ourselves wondering whether there will be rest from the constant struggle to survive.

Over the years, I have found peace, strength, hope and wisdom within the pages of the Bible. For me, The Message, by Eugene Peterson, has been especially helpful as it speaks to us in today’s language.

As a counselor, therapist and teacher of psychology, I have taught and personally applied the many life strategies that are found within the science of human behavior and psychology. From challenging negative and sabotaging thought processes, replacing unrealistic and biased beliefs, and teaching ourselves to remain in the present moment, we can begin to live out the promises of God.

In the upcoming days, I will be posting and podcasting messages of hope taken from God’s Word and personal stories of application. Download them on your MP3 and when anxiety, fear, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness overwhelm you, play them to remind yourself that you are not alone and that God is in control of those things we have no control over.

I welcome your stories of hope, encouragement and peace. Send me your stories via e-mail at info@focuswithmarlene.com and I will try to post as many of them as I can on my blog. As we share we give one another support.

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Marlene Anderson

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