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Holidays often trigger old losses and the memories of loved ones, time spent or regrets.

Holidays can also come with unexpected losses. This holiday season held both. It was a remembrance of the death of my son three years ago and the wonderful memories we shared as a family about him. It also brought the loss of a beloved sister. Yesterday we shared memories of her as we celebrated her life in memorial at her gravesite.

Others too share unexpected griefs during this holiday season. Share stories of your loved one with others. There is healing and a lifting of spirit in that sharing and comfort as all laugh and cry together.

God in His great love graciously gives us people in our lives to help on our journeys of healing. And He stands ready to bring comfort to our hearts and peace as we rest our sorrow in Him.

May the peace of God be with you in your laughter and tears of this wonderful season of Christmas.

Marlene Anderson

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