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Resting in God

A friend struggles with weariness and exhaustion, driving miles every day to be an advocate for a sick spouse. Another struggles with crisis after crisis that seems to wash over them like pounding waves. Yet another struggles to survive against the onslaught of rejection after rejection for potential jobs. Goals have been set aside. It is all they can do to keep plodding forward and survive the chaotic world around them. There is little time to pray and little time to relax.

From the first hours of dawn to falling into bed too exhausted to think, people struggle with tough times. How will we make it? Will we survive? What can I do that might make a difference? How do I resolve these problems?

When life has turned into chaos, we can find ourselves drowning in whirlpools that suck us down into despair and exhaustion. Problems become larger than life and every effort we make to deal with them seems to do no good. We wrestle with options and solutions seem to elude us. Yet when we try to escape the clutches of worry and fear, we are simply sucked deeper into it.

Perhaps you are going through your own tough times that seem to overwhelm you. I know there have been many such times in my own life. But when I read the comforting words of God, I discover peace in the midst of my wrestling, wisdom that makes sense of challenges and strength to endure when exhausted. In the tenants of His Word I have found solace and rest that goes beyond anything I or anyone else could create.

When you have done all you can do, then let go and rest in Him.

Marlene Anderson

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