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“Say It With A Song”

Conductor's Baton and Sheet MusicI have the fantastic opportunity to be a member of two choral groups that strive for excellence as we stretch ourselves to sing with joy, passion and precision.

One of those groups, Shelter Bay Chorus, gave their spring concert this last weekend. The theme was a tribute to man’s resiliency in the face of life’s challenges, the struggle to pick ourselves up, and start over again no matter what the adversity. The songs were chosen to convey that message of  hope.  

When we have a song in our heart we can find hope in the midst of despair, heal a wounded heart, and sing above our fear and pain as we express our excitement, joy and gratitude.

No matter what your mood, you can change or alter it. One of the easiest ways is with music.

• Sing – even if you can’t carry a tune

• Sing – even if it is in your head

• Sing – when the world is the darkest and when it is the brightest

Listen to music with passion and soul; music that lifts your spirits and gives you courage.

Music can not only alter your mood and give you hope, but can ignite motivation and inspiration. It gives expression to life.

Marlene Anderson

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