Speaking & Workshops

Marlene has seven programs to choose from. If you don’t find the topic you are looking for, you can always ask to have your program customized to meet the needs of your group by using the Sign Up Form on this page.

From Gravel Pit to Beautiful Garden

Too often our lives reflect a gravel pit – barren, desolate and littered with unwanted trash from our past. We feel discouraged, exhausted and overwhelmed. This workshop takes you through the steps of designing a garden within yourself where obstacles are replaced with a peace, hope and serenity.

“…the women were blessed by the wisdom Marlene shared and the practical counsel she offered.”

Spiritual Abundance in a Time of Stress and Distress

In the face of crisis and difficulty, God calls us to have courage and faith. When we allow Him to lead, He gives us faith to replace fear, strength to endure over time and wisdom to make new choices. As we step out boldly in obedience, stress is turned into energy. As He blesses us, we become a blessing to others.

“Marlene is a great facilitator and teacher.”

Celebrate Your Life Story

Within our life stories, we find a lifetime of experiences that can help us make new and productive goals for today. Buried within the labyrinth of time we discover inner strengths and resources we have used in the past to overcome adversity and losses. As we celebrate the milestones in our life history, we are able to grieve old losses, heal old wounds and re-write negative scripts. It is an exciting journey of self-discovery giving us a new vision to write a new chapter in our life’s story.

“Greatly appreciated and very well done. God’s timing is always the right time.”

Healing the Wounded Heart

Within pain, we discover the opportunity to break down protective barriers that keep us from becoming real, honest and genuine. Pain protects us but can also hold us captive. It wears many faces: rejection, humiliation, shame, and fear. When we confront our pain, we are able to break through the barrier of denial, accept our vulnerabilities and replace distorted perceptions of self worth with an honest appraisal of our potential and abilities.

“Powerful! A great experience!”

Maximize Good Stress — Reduce Dis-stress

Learn the secrets to eliminating dis-stress. We can learn to reduce our panic and anxiety and lower levels of stress and tension. When our mind and body are calmed, we can examine the triggers of distress, challenge negative thinking, affirm our worth and built positive plans of action to maximize our energy. Problems are not stumbling blocks but opportunities to become more of who we can become.

“I’m thinking about myself positively. Great instructor; would attend more of her classes.”

The Many Faces of Grief and Loss

Throughout life we are faced with adversities and losses. How do we grieve them? How do we come to terms with tragedies? How do we let go, close the door to the past and create a new reality? Unless we honor and validate our grief journey, it can go underground and become a toxic influence on everything we do. Grieving our losses require working through the twists and turns and layers connected to our loss, gradually integrating it into our life story and redefining who we are today.

“I recently attended Marlene’s seminar at the women’s retreat at Warm Beach. I lost my husband two years ago and really appreciated her session.”

Pain Management: Strategies to Take Back Your Life

Pain can hold us prisoner. But understanding the pain experience and what we bring to it, we are able to develop a personal program of empowerment, relaxation and visualization that can reduce its hold on our life.

“I relax more and am not so dependent on paid medications – a big thanks to our leader.”

Past Speaking Engagements

Marlene has been a guest on:

“The Word for Today Is…” radio show with host Stephanie Hill Williams (May 28, 2015, 7 minutes into the broadcast)

Marlene has been a guest speaker at:

  • Salem Lutheran Church – delivered two lay sermons
  • Proverbs 31 women’s group
  • La Conner Senior Center
  • Lewis & Clark College, Graduate Class (Portland, OR)
  • Toastmasters
  • Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce
  • Phi Delta Kappa, Huntington, England (UK)
  • Skagit-Is Human Resource Management Association
  • C.H.A.D. (Children/Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Trinity Lutheran Women’s Luncheon

Marlene has delivered classes and retreats for the following:

  • Warm Beach Women’s Retreat
  • Women’s Retreat, Friendship Alliance Church
  • Friendship House
  • Anacortes Senior Center
  • Clackamas Community College – Staff Development
  • Portland Public School Dist and MESD
  • Beaverton, OR Libraries
  • Kaiser Permanente HMO
  • Housing Authority of Skagit Valley
  • Skagit Valley Hospital
  • Anacortes Island Hospital
  • Suite 101, On-line ADHD Parenting Class
  • La Conner Methodist Church Retreat
  • NAMI
  • Salem Lutheran Church – Classes, grief and loss groups, Bible study leader