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Developing Partnerships that Work

Starting a New Series!

Starting next week I will be starting a new series of blogs that represent  a new workshop a friend and I are developing for working women, entitled Developing Partnerships. 

As we look at the partnerships we have developed throughout our lifetime and how they impact who we are today, what we do and how we think and react to life, we hope the information will be helpful for anyone who is struggling with life’s challenges today. 

So be sure to catch Monday’s blog which will touch on a subject that is constantly becoming more prevalent in our lives as working women who are trying to keep and maintain their homes while caring for and raising children.  That subject is FEAR!

The fears in our life are real and at times can seem as though we will be flooded by them.  So follow as together we learn ways to combat the fears that only keep us stuck.  

Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC


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