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How to Integrate Attitude, Pride, Humility, and Respect Into Your Life

We need more than just the desire to live productive and meaningful lives – we also need humility and respect – for ourselves and others.

Whether in our business or personal lives, we need to believe in ourselves and take pride in who we are. But, without humility, we lose respect for others and eventually, for ourselves.

We don’t want to measure our self-worth by what others say about us. Nor do we want to exhibit arrogant self-importance. How do we find a balance?

Today on my blog and podcast, we’ll look at the traits of attitude, pride, humility, and respect, and discuss how we can integrate them into our lives.

Choose Your Attitude

Attitude is a way of thinking, a viewpoint, or a frame of mind that we choose. Our attitude is reflected in how we look at life overall as well as the way we think.

What is your attitude and how does it affect your life every day, in every way?

Today on my blog and podcast, I’ll outline six shortcuts to happiness from the book, “Happiness is a Choice,” by Barry Neil Kaufman.

Living Life with Enthusiasm and Optimism

We are defined by many things in life: our relationships, our roles, our handicaps.

What defines you? My youngest son was an artist. He started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. Even the simplest stick figures he drew had character and substance. His creativity seemed to flow out of him like water from a pitcher. He would draw for hours.

He loved to draw faces – faces that so expressed the characteristics of the individual that it never required anything more – you saw the whole person in the face. Within the expressions, there was passion, confidence, longing, sadness, robust strength, humor, wisdom, and understanding. Even today as I look at his drawings, I marvel at the depth of disclosure in his drawings that revealed so much of the human spirit and soul.