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Ongoing Transformation

So many things affect our lives…

…The decisions we make or fail to make.

…The people we hang around with.

…The failure to stop and think before following an impulse.

…The values we hold and act upon.

There is an ongoing transformation as we work to improve our life. Today on my podcast and blog, I offer questions that will guide you in taking the next steps towards transforming your life.

What Transforms Your Life?

What Transforms Your Life? | FocusWithMarlene.com

Every day, we observe the wonders of our world and the transformations that happen throughout the seasons.

Who hasn’t been renewed and refreshed by a cooling summer’s rain or been moved by the beauty and quiet serenity of an earth blanketed in mounds of downy snow or snowflakes that shimmer like diamonds in the winter sun?

Who hasn’t witnessed the peace of a countryside bathed in the light of a full moon?

And what person hasn’t marveled at stars so dazzling and vivid, it seems we could reach up and touch them? At such times, nature is silenced and time suspended.

And yet, the snow is only frozen water, and the sun, moon and stars are nothing more than hardened, desolate, uninhabitable rocks and dangerous gasses.

Misfortune and hardship can take us out of what was predictable and comforting and place us in unfamiliar territory.