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The Clock is Ticking

Young Woman Holding Two Brown Paper Grocery BagsWe have 24 hours every day. How you organize your time and activities within those twenty-four hours is for your benefit!


The Benefits of a Time Log

Years ago, when I was just starting out in life, I moved from my small town to the city after high school and shared an apartment with my brother and sister.

My first job paid a minimum salary and I had enrolled in night school to continue my education. I was taught the importance of putting 10% of whatever was earned into a savings account.

But I struggled just to survive, let alone save money. I felt I was prudent with my spending, but there was little money left over from each paycheck. Where was I spending my money? I wasn’t making any large purchases.

I decided to keep a money log for one month. I marked down every item I spent money on no matter how small – whether it was an inexpensive lipstick at the five and dime store, or a quick lunch at a cheap deli, to the bus ticket to get to work. It was marked down.

I was amazed at the end of the month to discover that it was the small ticket items that were eating up my money – the nickel and dime items I purchased. When I changed my spending habits, I was able to save a $1,000 within a year – a large amount of money in those days.

Keeping a time log for a short period of time can also reveal to you how you “spend” your time. Those wasted minutes begin to add up. Is that really how you want to spend your time? Are there other things you would rather do?

A log helps identify how you use your time. It doesn’t dictate what you must do.  It gives you the information needed to make different choices.

Additional Benefits

Your family also benefits. When you create order from disorder everybody benefits. As you establish family rules and family chores, children learn responsibility for how they spend their time. As they observe what you do, they see the results of order rather than disorder. If you live a chaotic lifestyle, your children will have difficulty developing the important time management skills they will need as adults.

It’s for You

When we shift our internal mindsets from what we “must do” to “what I want to do”, we operate from a position of choice. When we make choices based on what we want to do, we become motivated and inspired. It doesn’t mean you live a rigid lifestyle.  It simply allows for different options.  It also allows you to schedule those rest and relaxation times.

You have 24 hours every day. There are many ways to maximize what you accomplish within those minutes. It’s up to you.

Marlene Anderson

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