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Time Out

As I went to physical therapy today for a sore shoulder, I was reminded that I needed to slow down and do my exercises slowly. 

But I am so used to rushing here and there keeping up with a very busy schedule that it requires a conscious and deliberate choice for me to slow down.

We rush through life with every day becoming more stressful than the last.  From time to time we need to remind ourselves to slow down.  Take time to breathe, release tension and relax stressed muscles. 

Its time for a Time Out from busyness and even conversations.  


    • compulsing
    • comparing
    • complaining
    • judging
    • obsessing
    • worrying
    • freaking out
    • running in circles


Just Stop – Take a Time Out. And for five to ten minutes just “Be”.

Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC

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