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Day’s Dawning: Whispers from God

We miss so many opportunities to connect with insight when it arrives at our doorstep. As you listen to this episode, think about those times when you may have dismissed those gentle nudges to rethink, reflect and ponder.

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The day sneaks up, rousing me from deep sleep. The urging of another day has not yet crowded out the deep internal musings that rise to the surface while I’m still half asleep.

A new day dawning.

I enjoy the leisure of this time, allowing my mind to consider the streaming of creative ideas, solutions, and unanswered questions. I didn’t formulate them – they just arrived, and I simply received.

How often we hurry from such moments and step into the fast lane of life. For, we reason, doesn’t life demand that we don’t dawdle? If we stopped and considered options all the time, we would never get anything done. We would constantly be questioning every motive or changing directions.

Yet, if we hurry into our tasks without paying attention to these insightful moments, we risk losing the opportunity of receiving something vital and life-changing. If we lingered long enough to listen to that streaming consciousness, our souls and spirts might receive wisdom that otherwise would be lost.

Where do these early morning reveries come from?

Day’s Dawning – Whispers from God | focuswithmarlene.com

Perhaps it is simply the mind working through questions and problems we had the day before. But I believe there is more.

I believe this is a time when we hear God whispering to us – a time of gentle nudges when we are not distracted, offering inspiration. In those few seconds of time, I have received the title to a book I was writing, the themes for blog posts, ideas for future possibilities, words of comfort to forward to someone in need, etc.

As we hurry from one task to another during the day, there is little time to stop and allow our minds to be still. There is work to be done. And so, whether early in the morning or during the day, we miss those moments when we could be open to insight, receive inspiration and solutions. And gradually our souls and spirits wither and die.

When we feel the undercurrent of unrest and disconnect, we look to the world for clues to relieve our fears and anxieties. We race around trying to find remedies and miss the whispers from God. Even when we attempt to listen, we often remain too distracted, and dismiss the messages without further thought. We turn back to the world for answers and miss the insights waiting within us.

But the world cannot give us what we thirst for.

Our souls and spirits have a deep longing for something which the world cannot give us. I see the hunger in the eyes of individuals speeding through life trying to sandwich in one more thing before the day is done. And I weep and wonder if God weeps too. I believe God wants the best for us. He doesn’t want us to live programmed and mechanical lives.

In order for us to hear his whispers and murmurings, we need to stop and listen. Really listen.

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  1. Reply Evelyn Seymour

    Appreciated this reflection today. Take time to ruminate on the message God has for us and the answers he gives.

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