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Choosing the Right Frame

j0438593I love to display pictures around my house that are snapshots of family, grandchildren and places where I have traveled. Some are hung on walls – others stand on tables and cabinets.

It took many trips to the store to find the right frames and mats that would both enhance and showcase these pictures. I also had to decide where I was going to hang or display them.

Each picture held within it how it might be framed. Some required a wide mat and tiny frame – some the reverse. Some pictures needed to be cropped to highlight the most important part of the picture. Colors and hues of mats all contributed to bringing out the best. The combinations were endless, but I eventually found the right combination for each one.

In much the same way we frame the experiences and events in our life. We choose how we want to frame them – which parts will be highlighted – which parts will be eliminated or deemed unimportant.  Some frames will hold several pictures that create a montage of events.  Others will highlight God’s blessings.

We can frame events in whatever way we want.  Negative, tragic or unpleasant events can be framed in growth and development or in dissappointment, resentment and bitterness.

We choose the pictures. We choose the frames. We choose how to display their importance. We choose how we will frame or re-frame our life experiences to develop opportunities and gratitude. 

Marlene Anderson

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