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In What do you Believe?

j0433127In my church we recite a statement of faith each Sunday morning; “I believe in God the Father . . . etc.”

For some people this might seem unimportant ritualistic dogma. And yet by repeating this simple creed, or statement of belief every Sunday, we are reminded of who we are and in what we believe.

Reciting creeds or statements of faith each Sunday really means nothing unless we apply what it means to us personally in our daily life.

Do we take honesty with us into our jobs? Do we work through the messiness of life with our kids and families instead of yelling, threatening or walking away? Do we encourage our kids to share their fears and anxieties and really listen and help them problem-solve? Do we focus on the good things we like about our spouses instead of all the things we don’t like? Do we nurture hatred, self-indulgence, resentment, self-interest over the needs of others? Do we spend more time talking about religion instead of living it?

The things in which we believe become the values and principles and rules by which we live.

In what do you believe?

When unexpected and unwanted change rocks the foundations of our world, we struggle not only to survive, but to make sense of things. It is here in the questioning and dark of the night when people have the opportunity to discover what is really important in life.

We may not always be able to make sense of the world, but we can clarify what we believe in and why. And you do not have to wait until a tragedy or unexpected change happens before you take time to clarify what you believe and why.

©2013 Marlene Anderson

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