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The Best Time Ever

Women Posing for PhotographFriends.  They are such an important part of our lives. This has been a wonderful month for me because I have had time to spend with dear friends who have either visited me or I was privileged to travel to their homes.   

And the month ended with a week long writer’s retreat where seven women writers came together to write on their books and projects uninterupted all day and into the nights with time out for fellowship and helping one another with their craft. I was able to work on my latest book, The Next Step, as well as to receive valuable feedback for my manuscript, From Winter to Spring.  

My blogs have suffered – but I am now back on track and you will see blogs on a regular basis.  My free monthly newsletter will be going out today. If you haven’t signed up to receive them, please take time to do so.  They speak to the obstacles and solutions that impact us through adversity and struggles. 

May your vacation time be as blessed as mine has been.

Marlene Anderson  

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