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The Quiet Cove

A Quiet Cove 001We rounded a corner in the headland and glided into a little cove snuggled in the contours of the islands. After sailing all day with rising winds and a chop on the water, we were ready to drop anchor for the night.

Protected from the bluster and nip of the wind, the air was balmy and pleasantly warm. We quickly discarded our jackets, stowed the sails and set the anchor.

As our sailboat gently floated from its tether, we brought pillows from below and settled into the cockpit to enjoy the final magnificent display of a sunset in the San Juan Islands. Birds circled and cawed to each other. A sea gull glided down and settled into the water with hardly a ripple. A blue heron watched us from the shore before returning to snatch bits of food from the water’s edge.

 As the day made its journey into evening, wispy clouds reflected the changing colors of the setting sun: red – coral – grey and gold. As it dipped behind the edge of the earth, sky and sea melted together and became one. And the heart and soul and mind experienced a deep peace.

Setting Sun 001

At the end of a long day “sailing” in our world of business and work, we are ready to drop anchor in some quiet cove – a special spot where the harsh winds of the day are blocked and we can settle down for a night of respite and reprieve from the harsh realities of the day.  Snuggled into the companionship of our loved ones, we share the day’s events and give each other support; it is where we commune in silence as well as conversation.

As you create and work on goals, schedule times of quiet and relief in your tiny quiet coves.  Without these moments of respite, sustenance and renewal, you will become exhausted and lose your resolve to complete your goals.

Marlene Anderson





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